Fabulous Fridays: Letting Go

You have all heard the saying, “Let Go and Let God”. I believe God is God no matter what I do, however, I do believe that we can cause ourselves needless worry and angst when we don’t trust HIM.


Let God control your life and go with the flow, let him bring you what needs to be done, resistance might delay blessings. That has been my experience, just when I surrender my fight to fix the matter, God comes through in a mighty way.

Do not grip a problem but hold it with outstretched arm in the palm of your hand. I have the type of personality that always feels the need to fix something. Learning this ‘letting go’ concept has been tough for me.  Laying it down and not picking it back up, but rather trusting that the creator of this world is truly in charge, is tough for me.

When my children leave our home and travel alone, I must trust and let go. When people hurt each other, I must trust and let go. When I cannot understand the future, I must trust and let go. My list is a mile long of circumstances that require the surrendering of my heart, mind, and body.

I am reminded of the song by Steven Curtis Chapman called God is God. One of the lyrics says “God is God and I am not”. What a powerful statement. This puts it all into perspective, to know that He is God and to rest in that assurance. “Do not fear, for I am with you.  Do not look anxiously about you, for you are mine.  I will strengthen you, I will help you, I uphold you with my righteous right arm. ”  Isaiah 41:10

So on this Friday, after a well deserved weekend, Let Go. Let go of that grip you have around the issue that has burdened you this week. Let go of the apprehension and allow God to move in your life. He works best when he is LORD of ALL.

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