It’s a good thang

My son was at a school carnival one day and won two tickets to a hockey game in our hometown.  He was so excited and couldn’t wait to see the game.  When he came home from the game I asked him about his experience. I was afraid he was going to be sad that the seats were not closer to the ice and because our arena is huge and well you could get stuck in the nosebleed section. However he came home and said “mom, we had the best seats because they were so high up that you could see everything!”

Hmmm… that is one way of looking at it.  I’m thinking nosebleed and bad seats, but he was seeing things from a whole other perspective. The gift of viewing things from a different angle is a gift I want to possess. I learned a lesson from my son that day, look on the bright side of things, no matter what.

The very next day a friend and I were talking about a certain book based on our faith in God and her thoughts were so different from mine. She had a negative review on it and I was thinking of all the good stuff that was represented in the book.  I shared my quotes and thoughts and how the book had impacted my view of God and she shrugged and did not change her opinion of the book.

I’ve come to realize that remembering bad stuff about anything is worthless thinking. Taking the good and spitting out the bones is what I plan to do. Life is too short to talk about the bad instead of the good, unless you are sharing the bad to give empathy and hope, keep your talk hopeful and positive.

My challenge this year is to look at ALL THINGS with a brighter perspective.

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