What is it with me and paper. I loved the first day of school because I would have several clean stacks of paper, clean notebooks, and brand new pencils. I jumped for joy (inside of course) when a friend of mine gave me 4 new notepads from her husband’s workplace.  Aside from the fact that they were from a chicken place that I frequent, I couldn’t wait to put them on my desk.  It is a passion of mine that is also, a problem, because sometimes I have too many papers and need to sit and weed through them all.


Which brings me to telling you what I have been doing all week-long. Purging. I have been spring cleaning and getting rid of stacks of magazines, old recipes cards, slips of papers and trying organizing the rest.

As a minimalist, I ritualistically go through my whole house including closets, under beds, garage, attic and basement twice a year, once in January and then again in the late spring before a garage sale. But I decided to start early this year and hit it before the new year. Trash, give away, Goodwill piles are everywhere.

Many times I have been asked to help people with their junk and help them organize their life. Sounds like it would be a cushy job to tell people what to keep and what to toss, but it is quite an undertaking. When you see those people, on those shows, with trash piles that almost reach their ceilings, I bet you don’t think of them as perfectionist. But it is true, they become paralyzed with all of their junk because at some point they wanted to do it right.  They wanted to find just the right place for their things, they wanted to make that delicious recipe to impress their families. Many times their true treasures(precious jewels, pictures of loved ones) lie under piles of stuff. But throwing away that stuff would be an end to their dream of a perfect home or having that perfect meal with just the right entrée.

We all attach a feeling, experience or some emotion to our things.So twice a year, I let go of some of my dreams, along with magazines that I will never read, recipes I will never make, and things I’ve never used. When you let go of those goals and dreams that have not surfaced, you make room for and birth new ones. I won’t ever make that cream pie with whipped egg white peaks, but I might find an easy, no bake cookie that my kids will devour.

Clear out those things that weigh you down and make way for new dreams that will take root and grow to fruition. Unearth those gems that have been buried under old promises and hopes. Clearing the way will  let you see the path to your dreams. CLEARLY.

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