A life with Thanksgiving


disney family

November 23-  Family: So very thankful for my sweet family today. They make life wonderful.

Sunday- No Coincidences: thankful how God orchestrates meetings with dear friends in random places. How it warms my heart to run into people when you least expect it.

photo (44)
November 25-  Stolen Time: So thankful for those small pockets of time that you did not count on to do things that were not even on your to do list.  When that happens it seems like a magical time. Here is what came out of one those times. When a foodie /cook stays home long enough and in the kitchen, she discovers a new pancake recipe of pumpkin & ricotta chocolate chip pancakes.

us at disney
Tuesday- L.O.V.E  And this is love. That my husband and I bear all things. He bears my shortcomings and I bear his. We believe that together we are better than apart. I believe for him to stay the same in some things and change for the better in other things. He does the same for me. We hope in all things. We hope to have a good future, stable work, healthy family members.  We endure all things, he endures me and my crazy ways. I endure his. We together endure the hardships of real life. Love never fails.

photo (45)
November 27- Nature: The deer who come by and take their nourishment from our land and grace us with their beauty.
THANKSGIVING DAY- Perspective:  Thankful for the perspective of seeing what is behind us and pressing on because I know the goal set before me and my future. Blessings to everyone in this Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you for following me on this thankful journey. I will continue to post all things good and wise. Please follow me via email and you’ll get a message whenever I write a new post.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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