Attitude of Gratitude

This is week 2 of posting what I am thankful for everyday. I once read a quote that said what if we woke up in the morning to have only the people and things that we were thankful for yesterday.


November 9- So thankful for my son’s soccer coach and our soccer team family.


November 10- Thankful for this little girl who celebrated her 3rd birthday. She is a bright ray of sunshine.


November 11- Gratitude for those who served our country so that we could have all of our freedoms. Especially my Dad, who is a Vietnam Veteran.


November 12- So thankful that God gives us the opportunity to be wise without being experienced. 


November 13- So blessed to have such a hard-working husband who provides for all of our needs and wants.


November 14- I am so thankful for the written word. Words can express emotions, love, feelings and they can describe pictures in our minds. I love the written word.

What brings you to a place of Gratitude? Please share, and don’t forget to follow my blog so you don’t miss my next list of thankfulness.

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