I am Thankful

Listing things to be thankful for are flooding my news feed on Facebook. So, I have decided to write about all that I am thankful for here.

photo 1 (5)

November 1 – My back yard that shows its colors with every season.

photo 2 (3)

November 2 – Blessed to have this young man in my life.

photo (40)

November 3 – That my husband and I can steal away a lunch at our favorite “hole in the wall” taco place.

November 4 – A warm/hot shower on a cold and windy day.

photo 1 (4)

November 5 – Clouds that break as the sun rises to give us a wonderful day.

photo (39)

November 6 – Grateful for new beginnings for a dear family who lost their home and all their possessions to a fire.


photo (41)

November 7 – A special couple who came to share their story about how they love their God and orphans in Africa.

November 8 – A warm car to get into on a cold morning.

I will take this month and every Friday to share with you what I am thankful for.  What are you thankful for?

2 thoughts on “I am Thankful

  1. Great idea! I love reading the posts people are doing on Facebook. I also have done a couple of thankfulness series on my blog. In 2010 I posted every day and then printed it up as a book (blog2print.com) and gave it to my Dad for Christmas. Last year (2012), I it in a slightly different way and had Thankfulness Thursday posts. It’s a great way to keep things in perspective in a crazy world and a busy season!

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