do less have more

I want to have less and do more.  Or, I want to do less and have more.

I want to have less stuff to take care of and manage.  A full two car garage (including the cars) is not what I really want or need.  I want more events in my life. This past weekend my friend and I talked about how much money something cost and we both looked at each other and said “Nah, I would rather spend it on a family vacation” my friend said.  “Me too”, I said. Memories are it for me.  Or traveling and helping someone who needs our help. My friend and I joke and say that we want to sell everything and move to a third world country and live in a smaller home.  Our husbands think we are crazy, maybe we are.  I want to do more than what I am doing now.  Give more, spend less, love more, complain less, enjoy more, worry less.


Doing more has always been my goal.  And it is my goal when I wake up in the morning: to want less and do more.  Doing more for my family and for my fellow-man.  And for myself, I want to live well and make memories that will leave a legacy of my life with my loved ones.

Wishing we could do less and have more is also a desire of mine. I know that if we didn’t work so many long hours in a day that we would have more.  More time to spend with the kids, more time to make healthy meals, more time to give more hugs and tell bedtime stories.  I am sure you get the picture. Just thinking of these things and the ample time to do these things, brings me joy and makes me feel satisfied.

I know I am preaching to a choir here.  We all want pretty much the same things.  So I leave you with a question that has homework.  Except that you won’t be turning it in.  But if you would share some of it with me here in the comments below, I would be ever so grateful.

What do you want more of in your life? What excites and inspires you? (make a list)

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