A Holy Post

I believe that many things are holy since I am in full belief that God is Holy and he set all of this into motion.  Therefore, things here on earth are holy. Ordinary things, special times, people these things are holy.

Sometimes He asks us to put aside our shoes because we are walking on holy ground. I suppose those people walking across the parted sea were torn between worshipping or fleeing. Glad they fled quickly. I have only been moved to take my shoes off once in my lifetime. It was not a “parting of the sea” kinda event, just a time of worship in my house of worship.  Yet, I remember it so well and yearn to return to that “place”. It is not an everyday occurrence.  It is holy. Once in a while everyday events are holy but we do not view them as such. Here is my list of just a few things that are holy to me.

Holy Things In my life

Women encouraging each other

Mother and Son sharing a laugh

Family dinner table

A hug


Date night

A child singing a praise song

mom & Adi

Two generations connecting

What is holy in your life?

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