Put it on a shelf

I have so many books that sit on my bookshelf and nightstand waiting for me to read them.  I sometimes get so impatient about not having the time to read them all. So I go through them and get rid of ones that just didn’t make the cut.  But when I reassess the shelf, I am happy again and ready to well…wait to read them.  Don’t get me wrong, I do take one down from time to time and finish reading it.  Others have been there for a few years, ok, more than 10 years. But I am fine with that.  I love knowing that they are there when I need to read them or read bits and pieces of them.


The same goes for our dreams and desires.  Sometimes we need to put them up on a shelf.  There are things we just cannot achieve or have at this time in our lives.  For example, I would love to travel all over Greece, Spain and Italy, this dream sits on my shelf.  I love knowing that my dream is still there. I have a few things that have to be on that shelf.  Some of them have already been taken down and have become a reality. And then others have been purged and thrown away. We change for the better.

Take your hopes and dreams and set them on a beautiful shelf. You can bring them down and re-organize them. Or you can just be satisfied that they are there for when you can bring them into the reality of your present.

Know what it is you have on your shelf, define it. And then decide if you need to begin the journey to make it happen. If it is not possible now, then place it on that shelf to be cherished.

“All things come to him who waits-provided he knows what he is waiting for.” -Woodrow Wilson

If you find yourself clinging to something and can’t let it go then maybe it needs to be on the shelf.  Think about what Voltaire said

” We never live; we are always in the expectation of living”

Remember to live your life with passion and a purpose.  Don’t be so wrapped up in something that cannot be a reality now. Live now with what is before you.

What dreams are on your shelf?

3 thoughts on “Put it on a shelf

  1. I enjoy your posts. I feel like I am always waiting on something, but it is helpful to think about it like things on a shelf. Sometimes dreams need to be purged and sometimes it’s fine for them to sit on the shelf and be enjoyed passively. Thanks for that perspective!

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