Aim for it

Henry Thoreau said “In the long run, you only hit what you aim at.” So many of us go along our lives without aim.

” I want to be a good person, I want to have respectful teenagers, I would like to travel when I retire” are just a few goals I’ve heard this week. Having a desire to aim for IT puts you 1/4 of the way there. But then you must mark your aim and move forward towards achieving it. “Yes, I would like to start a business this year” but I don’t know how to begin?” “I would love to quit my job and stay home with my children.” “I want to retire in Arizona, how can I make that happen?” Finding clarity and a plan can be a daunting task, but here are a few questions that might be helpful.


 Where would you like to be in 5 years?

What is preventing you from moving forward with your goal?

Can you explain your long-term goal on paper?

Where are you spending most of your time?

Do you know someone who can help you in reaching your goal?

These helped me reach certain goals in my life. I spent many years wandering, many months wasting time and countless days doing things I did not want to do. I needed to aim, and shoot for my goals.

If you want a different outcome then you need a new action plan.

Gain clarity

Make a plan

Move towards you goal

Focus your time and energy

Seek wisdom

“The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly.” –Proverb

Please let me know if you found this helpful?

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