Above the Fold

Yesterday I heard a term used that I had not heard in quite some time.  Seeing as that fewer people are reading printed newspapers, I thought the term had gone into retirement.


The term above the fold is a term that was used by news reporters and editors to describe the top half of the front page. The part that could be read when the paper while inside the newspaper stands/racks. The area most visible to the reader and is used to entice people to buy/read the paper.  Now it is used in web development to describe the portion of the page that is visible without scrolling.

As I thought of all the stories in the history of newspapers that made that Above the Fold placement, I thought of my own life and wondered what is prominently displayed in my life?  What is the first thing you see when you view a snapshot of my life? Is it how much I love my kids? Or how much time I spend washing dishes or on Pinterest?

What would be visible to the person I’ve just met?  I hope that the most important things/values in my life are proudly displayed for the world to see.  Is my “read all about” it cry about the issues I love?   What story or stories are in your Above the Fold?



Picture by Scoop it .com

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