Is life like a box of chocolates?

Choices. Life is filled with choices, bad choices and good choices. Some decisions we make never seem to affect anyone or anything, yet others begin as small choices and end in victories or devastation.


Taking that small step towards a goal or making a bad decision seems harmless at first but then you begin to see the ripple effects, and it is as if you have entereed into a maze. Into a dark cave with only dark doors that lead to rooms of despair. Or you’ve choosen to walk through a door with your decsion leading into a long stretch of a road that is nicely paved. The sun is shining and the weather is just right and you can see the top of a hill. And even though it is a rough climb to get to the top, you begin to feel better and better about yourself as you get closer to the top.

Life is full of turns and choices. Do you stop to think or weigh the outcomes before you make a choice? Do you pray or seek help before you take a step? Why? Why not?

Is life like a box of chocolates? You never know what you will get. Or do we have some control over what happens to us based on the choices we make?

I don’t like making choices. But when I have to and they are big ones. I carefully pray about it and seek advice. I usually take the advice. I believe that wisdom comes from within, through others and sometimes directly from God through his holy sprint. What about you, how do you go about it?

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