Simple Beach Vacation Menus


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19 thoughts on “Simple Beach Vacation Menus

  1. heather s says:

    Thank you! I try to cook as much as possible as well, and love the new ideas. I always take my crockpot to the beach and use it at least three days.

    • Hi Karen, thanks so much for pinning. I just did a couple of videos on this blog post on youtube. Just search for Simple Beach Packing and I am in a turquoise shirt! lol Have a great vacation this year.

  2. Oh, I really like the idea of packing in a tub! I always use the reuseable grocery bags, but something larger, solid, and with a lid would be much better.

  3. graceyves says:

    Oh I love the idea to use a tub for packing. I always use the reusable grocery bags, but something larger, solid, and with a lid would work much better.

  4. Nice holiday menu! I like to keep the cooking simple when we go away too. I do tend to frequent the shops and am getting better at buying only what we need for the few days we’re away. I have had to bring quite a bit of excess home in the past, which is a bit of a pain.

  5. caitlinshappyheart says:

    I like to cook simple things when away also. Thanks for the great ideas. I tend to do simple things and do a grocery shop as soon as I arrive. We tend to have so much luggage with a family of five I find that a shop is easy to do and a space saver.

    • Caitlin, I am right there with you. Keeping all my items to just the tub helps the simple packing. I hate buying so much and then feeling like I have to bring things home from our trip. This year we did a lot better and left an empty refrigerator in our beach condo. Don’t forget to pin this on Pinterest and check out my youtube video on packing. We also pack light when we visit the beach. It helps that we have a washer/dryer in the condo. Have a great vacation this year.

  6. Love these ideas. We’re going away glamping in a couple of weeks and so am definitely going to borrow some of them. Particularly loving the pre-marinated meats in a baggy idea 🙂 Thanks again – hope you have a super holiday

  7. Ah-ha, now it’s working! Thanks for letting me know. My family and I tend to eat out for all our meals. We don’t have kids so it’s a little easy for us to grab and go. Coming to you from Blogelina!

    • Thank you Julie. I love your twitter name btw. I appreciate you stopping by, please find me on Pinterest and watch the video on packing for the beach for more tips. Have a great vacation this year!

  8. We’ve done something similar to this once as a family. As all the “children” were adults, we were also responsible for one meal during the week so that mom wasn’t in the kitchen the whole vacation either. It was fun to be creative and come up with different options.

  9. Mihaela Echols says:

    My husband and I are like this! We don’t eat out much and when we do road trips we pack sandwhiches. This Is a way healthier way of living both financially and physically.

    • I agree. We keep our eating out to a min. and enjoy the times we do get to eat out. I wish my kids liked sandwiches. It makes it harder to pack and throw in the back seat. I have made lunchables with my own ingredients and that helps when taking long trips. Thanks for stopping by and have a great vacation this year. Don’t forget to visit the youtube link in this blog for more tips on packing for a trip.

  10. Lisa Sessa says:

    I commented on one of your posts a few years ago. Something we discovered last year was a service that delivers groceries for less than $10. It made last year’s trip so much more relaxing! I ordered a week’s worth of groceries and they were delivered to our condo the afternoon of our arrival. I didn’t have to spend 2 hours at the store after a 7 hour car ride. Win all around!

    • Love that option. What a great feeling to have it all done and delivered. While I was sitting on the beach this year an advertisement plane flew by with a banner saying “groceries delivered to your door…name of service.” Pretty cool. Have a great vacation this year. Thanks for the comment!!

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