Fabulous Friday: Fruitful

A few weeks ago I bought a brown bag of fruit from this trendy venue that sells fruit off their truck.  🙂  The truck drives around my city and parks in different places and sells their freshly picked fruit off the back of their truck.  I know…this is not such a new concept. So I bring the fruit home and do as I am told and leave them in the bag on my counter for a day. When I go to eat a piece of the longed for fruit I realize that they did not ripen as they should have.  So I leave them on the counter another day.  They did not ripen.  After a few days they began to get moldy and smelly.  I threw them out and called the truck people.  After telling them when I bought the bag and the location the man on the phone said, “oh yes, you got a bad batch.  Sorry, but they look good on the outside when picked. yet we have no way of knowing they are bad until after the fact.”   I got my new complimentary bag and the fruit was delicious, just as I was told they would be.



As a Christian, my God calls my attributes fruit.  Peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control to name a few.  How many of us walk around with a bag of bad fruit.  Cleaned up and looking like good fruit but when the time comes to use it, it is rotten and yucky inside.  Are we filled with anger, selfishness, worry and foul thoughts? When you are provoked, do you spew unkind words?  If so, you must do what I did with my first bag of fruit, trash it.  Get rid of it and forget it and call on the owner.  Fill a new bag with new fresh fruit.  If you are wondering how you go about doing this, message me or leave a comment below.  Life is too short to have fruit rotting on your counter.

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