First Hour

When your alarm clock goes off, what do you do?  Do you hit the snooze or are you one of those who wake up before their alarm?  You may be one of those people who have internal clocks and doesn’t even use an alarm clock, they just wake up naturally at the right time.  We all may wake up at different times and in different time zones, but we all have one thing in common.  And that is we all have been given the newness of a fresh new day.  A first hour, to fill it with something that should springboard our day is important.


I used to wake up and fill my day with the morning news and checking my to-do list.  I thought I was getting a jump on the day.  Little did I know that my mind was being filled with busyness right from the start.  It made me miserable, these were crappy days as I would hear of tragedies so early in the morning. I also would get discouraged when I would check on my to-do list during that first hour of waking up. I had convinced myself that I was being diligent by planning out my day before the day started. Instead, it all backfired on me. I was not happy or peaceful. It took me some time to change this behavior, but I am glad I did.

I have heard that the first hour of the day is like a rudder.

What you do during the first hour, sets the tone for the day. Remember back when you were in elementary school and you began the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence/prayer. Then it was onto homeroom. This was a time to visit with friends. Your homeroom teacher checked in with you and talked about your schedule, it was a time of re-grouping.  We need that time to wake up our minds and focus on the day.  Wish I still had homeroom time. 🙂

How do successful people spend the first hour of their day?

Well, they don’t spend it checking emails. So don’t you do it either! Most take that hour to dwell on what they are thankful for and meditate on their blessings.  Some take that time to listen to a motivational mp3 or calming music. Prayer, meditation, yoga and stretches or exercise are also great ways to begin your day. I personally read verses from the bible and pray for my day. Asking my creator to set my pace on his path and direct me throughout the day. Clearing your mind and setting it on positive outcomes will ease you into the tasks that are ahead of you.

When you arrive at your office or begin your day at home, tackle that task that you dreaded doing the day before.  Get it over with and move onto a smaller task next.  This will give you a huge boost and make you feel very accomplished. That first hour in the office is just as important as setting the foundation for the day.

Please share with me and the rest of my readers how you fill your first hour? Either at home or in the office.  I would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “First Hour

  1. Nanette R says:

    Great post! I personally can tell a huge difference in how my day starts and continues if I take time to spend reading the Bible and praying before I get out of bed (after an initial trip to the restroom and to take some daily medicine). I am a morning person and often my mind will already be racing a mile-a-minute when I first wake up, but if I can stop and refocus on the Lord and ask Him to direct my thoughts and my day, it gives me a more peaceful start. Of course, after I spend those quiet moments, I often will make the mistake of checking email and Facebook and then will be late getting out the door . . . and that peaceful, easy feeling vanishes into thin air!

    • I too make the mistake of checking my emails and facebook before heading out the door. Always makes me late and always takes longer than I thought it would. I love the feeling of that peace that passing all understanding amidst the trials of this world. I will try to catch myself next time and skip the computer time in the mornings.

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