Peace Sign

I think we should come up with another sign for Peace, one that conveys calmness and reassurance.

A sign without any political agenda attached to it.

IMG_20130614_153701 (1)

Originally the round sign was a logo designed for the campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. It was a combination of the letters N and D in semaphore.  We also use to have one that had an olive branch and dove, not sure why that is no longer in use, but we need a new one. One that truly represents the meaning of peace.

The word peace means freedom from disturbance, quiet and tranquility. For me it is a stillness and a quietness state of mind and emotions. It means security and smooth sailing in the middle of chaos.  It is not very often that we have that.  I search for it daily and sometimes find it in the oddest places.  Where do you find peace?

On a hammock in your back yard?

On vacation?

Sitting in your favorite chair?

Walking hand in hand with the one you love?

Watching a newborn baby sleep?

My go to verse in the bible says “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.  It is not as the world gives that I give to you…” From John 14:27  I am searching for that perfect peace that God gives and one that is not of this world.

Many search for world peace. Beauty contestants stand on the platform of wanting world peace. Yet, shouldn’t it begin with finding it ourselves. Do you have peace?

Peace with God and the peace of God. I believe that the first we have because He is our creator, he is at peace with us, the second is a work in progress.

Please share your thoughts with me on how you find/have peace.

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