Go Ahead, Share your Story

Today started like any other day except that I pushed myself to get up and dressed extra early to fit in a work out before my work day began. As I entered the gym I ran into a new friend in the lobby.  We began talking about what we had in common and what type of exercise we do when we come to the gym. I shared what classes I like to attend and what I normally do for a work out? However, I conveniently left out how often I come and how long I actually work out. 🙂


As our conversations moved onto more personal information about ourselves, we realized that our lives had taken similar paths. Some of the paths were filled with hardship and pain. Hurtful experiences that we had not planned on sharing with a new friend in the foyer of our local gym. However, we both chose to open our souls, just a bit, and share our stories. In the end it was both therapeutic and empowering.

I thought to myself and decided that, these kinds of encounters are needed in this world. Sharing our lives with each other, the hurt, the pain, the sometimes uncomfortable and the disappointments all can be used for good. Somehow as these stories are shared with another, they become teaching tools, testimonies of overcoming triumphs, and they put feet on GRACE and MERCY.  If you do not know about Grace or Mercy, or if you have never heard of these words, leave a comment or message me.  I would be glad to share what I know about Mercy and Grace and how it has helped me live.

I challenge you all to bare your souls to another human being. Obviously we cannot share our stories with everyone and not everyone needs to hear them. But I believe you will feel a nudge and a green light to express what is in your heart with the right person at the right time.  You never know what may come from this conversation. You may make a new friend, or shed tears of comfort and healing or release something toxic inside of you, so go ahead, share your story.

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