My ordinary “gray” days

Last week a book I was reading talk about an “ordinary gray day”.  It made me stop in my tracks a bit. Mostly because sometimes I feel like I have an  ordinary gray life.  I don’t feel like my days are all that special.  I go about my work and do my thing. But the days seem normal and ordinary.

I looked up the word gray in the dictionary. It said “Lacking cheer or brightness in mood, outlook, style or flavor; dull in color; having an intermediate and often vaguely defined position, condition, or character”  Yes, yes and yes, that sounds just like my day/life.


But when I see my friends lives I think of how exciting and fulfilling their life must be.  Of course the “grass is always greener…”  The more I pondered the more I began to see that my life/days aren’t lacking in cheer or style. And they are not dull at all. What I was looking at that made my life seem so ordinary and gray were my surroundings.  But I began to look at the people in my life and found it all to be very wonderful and not so ordinary. My sweet son who smiles at me every time he sees me. My strong husband who wraps his loving arms around me every day.  My precious daughter who loves me unconditionally.  My friends who call and share in my joys. My family members who look forward to visits and phone calls. They make my life very extra ordinary.

So I challenge you today, to stop and take a good look at your life and see that your life is very unique and beautiful.

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