My Life in Trimesters

This past weekend I had dinner with my friend Jamie, who is 4 months pregnant.  She let me know that she feels so much better now that she is in her 2nd trimester. “That first trimester was rough filled with morning sickness and fatigue.” I let her know that you feel so much better in the second trimester and the third is usually filled with lots of energy and the stamina needed at the time of delivery. Trimesters is a division of a period in three sections. So as I pondered the cycle of life in utero I thought of our lives as women.  As a woman my life has played out in three very distinct phases/trimesters.


During the first trimester of life I was young and I filled my days with school, college courses, graduations and then began a career. The next trimester I married and filled my time with taking care of my husband, my children and building a home.  Now that my children are grown and don’t need me to be at their beck and call I am free to focus on my last stanza in life. Not saying that the end is near but that I am entering a new journey.

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But like many women that find themselves in this phase of life, questions rise to the surface. Tough questions that are in need of answers.

Who am I now that I am not a mother of young children?

Do I still want to pursue the same career path I’ve been on?

What mark do I want to leave on this earth when I am gone?

What will I do if I don’t want to go back to work?

Now that I can focus my undivided attention on something, what will I focus on?

Should I go back to school?

What is my purpose in life?

The nest is empty, now what?

The “now what” phase can be a bit paralyzing sometimes.  In one single car ride you drop off you last son/daughter at school and enter into a whole new era. It can be overwhelming and you might get stuck in that time zone for a while.  That is ok, you will need some time to process it all. Once you have moved past this time you are ready to begin your new trimester.
Here are some suggestions on how to begin your journey:

Speak up: Ask those close to you to tell you where they see your gifts and strengths. Begin by asking those whom you respect and admire, a close friend, your husband, your bible study leader or a close co-worker.  Write these suggestions down and compile a list.

Spend time in Prayer: Giving it all over to our creator is a step not to be skipped. Only He can give us the comfort and peace to continue on during any life changing event. After you have laid it all out, you can begin to petition your desires. Ask him to lead you and give you wisdom to make good choices. Ask him to give you a heart like His.

Step out: Begin by pursuing avenues of interest.  Follow leads and paths that interest you.  You will find that some will be closed doors but then others will be open doors. Some will lead you to other paths that will surprise you. Do not be stagnate, venture out and seek what brings you joy and peace. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I wish the answers to the above questions would magically appear or that I could spell out the answers for you in this post. But I cannot, however, I do know that living our life in real time is our ultimate goal. I am reminded of a song that says “ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side.  It’s the climb.”  Every stage in life, first, second and third trimesters it is all about the climb.

6 thoughts on “My Life in Trimesters

  1. Melissa says:

    What trimester am I in right now? I just feel lost at times. Im not a empty nester but my life has changed after loosing a job of 10 years. I have always worked outside the home. I have given it over to God and believe he has a plan for me. While job seeking I try not to take rejection so personal but sometimes it is hard, I am not bitter. I have everything Ive ever wanted. Faith, love, children, grandkids, health, family support, home. I am very blessed so why do I feel like something is missing in my life? Maybe I should just focus on me for once. Embrace change. Learn something new. Time to answer the questions I can only answer. What do I want? How can I make it happen? I motivate others all the time guess I should take my own advise.
    Melissa in Texas

    • Thanks for your comment Melissa. You are so right about being able to motivate others easily and yet we feel unmotivated with our own goals. God is with you and you can do all things through Him who gives you strength.

  2. Nanette R. says:

    As I have been walking through a transition this year with my only son graduating from high school and planning out his next steps, I have definitely felt the tension of impending change that this will bring in my life. I have thankfully learned early in life that we go through seasons and that we aren’t necessarily meant to do the same thing in every season (or trimester). I am looking at having an empty nest as a single-again woman, which was not in my original plan when I looked at my life 20-25 years ago. I am thankful that I have a fulfilling job that I hope to continue in for many more years and although I see myself moving into the next season/trimester, I am still young enough that there’s no telling what God might call me to do in the next years of my life. This post was encouraging and thoughtfully written and will hopefully help others who are moving through different trimesters of life. Thanks!

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