These things will never change

A young couple  and I were talking in the foyer after church service one Sunday.  We were talking about jobs and where they were living and how everything was wonderful.  They were newlyweds.  “Ahhh newlyweds, I thought to myself, what a wonderful time in a person’s life.”  I shared in their excitement for life and that I too remembered our years as newlyweds.  “Life is wonderful, new, invigorating” I said to them.

newly 1

I know they must have seen that wonderful twinkle in my eye, to which the newlywed husband said, well you talk about it like it is all gone now and not as exciting.  I stopped and said, well yes, it is over, the honeymoon is over and we have bills to pay and tuition to pay.  Life is not the same as it was the year we were married, we have a mortgage, a kid in college, huge responsibilities with our jobs and we are older.  All of that on top of the fact that we know each other very well now. These words now haunt me because I wish I could have elaborated with them about the things that are more wonderful now than they were then.

older couple


The things that will never change is the fact that when I talk about my husband I still get that weak in the knees feeling, the assurance that our love is just as strong (if not stronger) as our first year of wedded bliss. I think of the many laughter sessions we still share that has kept us from staying mad at each other.  The list could go on and on about the things that will never change no matter how long you are married.  That honeymoon stage is wonderful and should be treasured, but being married a couple of decades also has its perks.

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