Fabulous Friday: Curiosity

Curiosity might have killed the cat but it also gave us many discoveries and inventions.  Electricity , penicillin and caviar (who would have thought to eat fish eggs).  When we stop being curious and keep to a mundane life you start to lose something.  I heard this week that most men die at 25 but are not buried until they are in their eighties.  They die with the song still in their pocket.  Release!  Release your curiosity and do something you have been afraid to do in the past.


Curiosity led those men and women to find wonderful things that we now use daily and enjoy.  Curiosity led this man to make a work of art when he was out of work and now his art is on display in a museum. Taking a risk when there was nothing left to do led him to realize a dream.

If you could do anything, knowing that you would succeed, what would you do? Think about that and write it down. Take it and make a plan, even if you begin with small baby steps. Step one is always the hardest. So what if it takes a long time to accomplish your goal.  You will enjoy saying that you are in the process, believe me.  “I am working on my masters.”  “yes, I really need to go back and get my masters degree.”  Pick one.

If you need to start small then go with your curiosity this weekend and do something you’ve never done before.  Take a different trail on your hike, explore. Or try something out of the ordinary when you cook this weekend.  Curiosity should be a welcomed experience.

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