Fighting a cold & complacency

I have been fighting this crazy cold for a few weeks now.  I am so thankful for that syrup in a green liquid form that helps quiet my coughing at night enough for me to get some sleep.  I keep saying that this too shall pass.  I pray it will pass very soon.


However, my concern is more of an internal matter than my external illness.  Inside I battle a harder fight than fighting a common cold.  That is complacency.  Sometimes I need to strive and don’t, to be quite honest.  I know I need to push through somethings and end up holding back.  Of course not being 100% gives me a nice “out” for now.  But I desire to reach higher in the call of my life.

My faith asks me to reach the nations yet I barely speak to my neighbors.

I should pray without ceasing, instead I send up crazy half-baked requests.

I should train up a child in the way he should go, yet I miss opportunities to read the bible to him at night because I am “too tired”.

I could go on and on but I won’t bore you with my failures.  Maybe you have your own list.

But the silver lining is this, we get a new day every 24 hours.  Today is the day to put change into motion. Forget what the past held or what is trying to hold on to you today, reach for the cure.  I hate my cold and I hate being complacent, so I am doing all I can to change my circumstances.  I wish there was a syrup I could drink to make me feel better and give me a swift kick in the pants concerning my complacency.  Oh wait, there is the word.  It is sharper than a sword.  Which means it can cut away my lacking.  I can drink from the living water and  I can let it wash away my impurities.

Sounds simple because it is.  I know that when I lay it all down and surrender, my outlook changes.  I see things differently.  I hope that for you today.

Rip your list up now and turn to God’s word. Be renewed.


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