Fabulous Friday: Genuine

When I think of the word genuine I think of something that is pure and real.  Genuine Leather comes to mind too. It is not fake, it is real and true.



1. real; authentic

What does it mean to live a genuine life?  Are we being real? Are we real?  Do we mean what we say and say what we mean?

I am a part of a great group of ladies and we meet once a week.  This week we discussed the issue of encouragement. For some of us it is hard to dole out a compliment, even when we know it is needed. Perhaps we are holding back from being genuine and authentic with ourselves which in turn keeps us from giving out compliments.  Getting past that wall of hesitation can be tough. Sometimes we just need to be real and blurt out that “great job”, “so proud of you”.

Our outward acknowledgement of being Genuine can be to encourage those around us. And doing those things that we want to do and saying no to the things we do not want to do.  I am speaking of those things that are optional, not the have to’s.  Living life that is genuine may mean saying no to some things and yes to new and exciting things.

Our inward acknowledgements of being Genuine starts with accepting the imperfections of our life.  Life is messy sometimes and we spend a lot of time and money trying to make it perfect. Accepting things and blooming where you are planted is being genuine in my book.  So you don’t look like Heidi Klum after 4 kids. Who cares, who is really comparing you to Heidi Klum in your world? Focus on being the best you and embracing those imperfections.

I am sure you are wondering why would I post a picture of a skeleton on a blog about being Genuine. It is because this imperfect specimen has purpose and use. It doesn’t look perfect because it just bones and yet we appreciate it for what it is.  A skeleton.  We have purpose and we should live genuine lives.  You are bona-fide.

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