Table Blessings

In the movie Blind Side there is a scene where Michael Orr is having dinner at the Tuohys and takes his plate to their dining room table and sits down to eat alone. That moment spoke volumes to me. This kid wanted to eat his meal at a
table rather than in front of the television. I think he wanted to see what it felt like to sit at a family table and experience a family meal. Whoa, this brings a ear to my eye. We, who can eat at our table every day, don’t take advantage of this ractice as often as we should.

I believe that our tables are places of worship and of blessings. The opportunities that we have to share life with our families and friends as we
break bread are not to be taken lightly. When Jesus walked on this earth he broke bread and fed many. We worship when we bow our heads and speak words of thanksgiving to our maker. The blessing comes in a form of a warm meal. A chance to sit and eat while connecting with each other is priceless.

I cannot say that we sit down to eat every night together. In fact, as I am writing this everyone is gone during dinner time tonight. Life is busy and everyone is running in so many directions that it is tough to find the time. Delaying dinner can be a way to get everyone at the table if schedules do not line up. And if you have not been eating together at the table don’t be an overachiever and make your family eat together every night this week. Set yourself up for success and ease into it, start with one night or two until you find that happy medium. Here is a quick and easy meal that will take you all of 17 minutes to prepare.

Fancy Shrimp with Risotto

1 bag of frozen raw shrimp (I splurged and got the jumbo ones this time)

Old Bay Seasoning

3 Tbs butter

Season raw shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning. We like it spicy so we add several shakes to our shrimp.

In a skillet add butter and saute the shrimp until they are
pink/cooked. photo (10) Meanwhile I cook up some boxed risotto on the stove and warm up some canned green beans in the microwave. photo (11) Viola! You have a meal.
photo (12) Really it isn’t about the meal but I wanted you to see how easy it is to put a meal on the table with little to no fuss. Doesn’t matter what you serve as long as you are together and sharing a meal. You are doing more than just filling their tummies. 

Last minute update: I told you that everyone was gone for dinner tonight. Well, guess who shows up between practice and the game. MY FAMILY! and they wanted dinner. What! So this is literally what I threw together for them to gobble up. So there, the proof is in the pudding. 

I apologize for the funky format. Something has gone haywire on my blog and is causing the paragraphs to be off a bit.

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