Take it Easy

This week it seems like I am getting a message and it is coming in loud and clear.  Rest.  Last year I wrote about sleep, you can read it here.  But that is not what I am talking about when I say the word REST. Sometimes my crazy mind goes to  Nacho Libre  who says “Take it Easy.”  I can hear him saying “take it easy”, take a load off and just rest.


REST is defined as  freedom from activity or labor;  peace of mind or spirit.  I have a hard time resting when I am not sleeping.  The word that keeps coming to my mind is efficient. Getting things done and doing them quickly has been preached to me since birth.  My mom was a single mom and worked hard to keep our family afloat.  She bought a fixer upper and worked on it in her spare time.  I was expected to pick up the slack and keep the house running while she worked on the house.  There were no slackers in my family.

Who has time to rest and lie around?  Lying around meant only one thing in my home, you were sick.  If you were not sick, you needed to be doing something to better yourself or your surroundings.   The same message was given to me when I took my first job.  I had to stay busy when I was not checking out customers at the local mom & pop grocery store.  I became a 7 day a week busy beaver.

Resting from work for 24 hours is a mandated practice in my faith.  We are to rest on the 7th day of the week.  Yet I still find myself throwing in a load of laundry or two, picking up shoes here and there, and really not resting. I needed to rest and take a break.  So several years ago, I adopted a new version of resting on the 7th day.  I did a 24 hour Saturday night to Sunday night rest.  In fact several religious leaders believe that the day of rest should be from sunset to sunset.  So I went for it.  This gave me a full 24 hours of rest yet still helped me get myself and my family ready for the week ahead. It was easier for me to rest from work starting on  Saturday night.  I would work all day doing my Saturday yard work, shopping, laundry, cleaning and then at sunset I began my rest.  I would hang out with friends or eat the dinner I had prepared earlier.  Then on Sunday I would rest, watch a movie or take a nap in the afternoon. By sunset on Sunday I was ready to do a little prep work for the week ahead.

I have gotten off track lately but it is time to start this practice up again.  Rest.  Rest from my job and rest from my work at home.  Do you take a day of rest/day off?  How do you rest?

2 thoughts on “Take it Easy

  1. Vickie says:

    Love this! We have been trying to practice this more. At times it is not as easy due to crazy law enforcement schedules but we both feel so much more peace come Monday morning after we have ‘rested’ and really took to heart what the Lord designed. I think more families would run much better if they truly practiced this. I feel He has multiplied our time when we honor Him with our time and rest in Him.

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