Bowling for Hard Work

Several weeks ago I promised to commit myself to working out and to tackle a huge chore.  The more I thought about it, the more I became overwhelmed by the whole commitment and discipline to these things.  Yet I was determined to get over this hump and accomplish my goals.

Since I am a lover of gifts, I decided to give myself a small gift after each week that I completed my goal.  I  had been eyeing a certain bowl in my favorite color at Anthropologie and decided that if I stuck to my plan then I would reward myself by buying a new bowl.  The next week  as I was slurping a bowl of soup at a restaurant, there was my bowl!  I took this as a confirmation of my deal with my self and also an encouragement to continue with my hard work.  After the week I completed my chore and had met my workout goal.  I went in the store and bought the bowl.  Buying this bowl made me feel appreciated and compensated for my efforts.  Although each week seemed too often,  but it helped me get to what is now my 5th week.  Now I don’t really need the incentive but I still reward myself after completing the month’s goals. 🙂


The middle one is my favorite color and the color of my kitchen accents.

I believe in gifts.  I think we should reward ourselves daily.  Do something special for yourself each day.  If you don’t want to spend the money then give yourself the present of time.  It could be a walk in the park or watching a favorite show instead of  running that last errand.

A quote from Phil McGraw really spoke to me this week.

“This is your life, so don’t you dare waste one day of it.  Do not let days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years and look back and say: “I blew it.  I let it slip away.” Live , Love and be happy. Your time is now.

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