YOU are it!

Never, ever has there been another you.  There have been people like you but no one who is YOU.  You are IT for this century, this decade, for this year, for this hour.  Make it count.

only you 2

Love yourself enough to be happy and don’t fret the small stuff.  I am not telling you to be selfish, but merely to care enough about yourself to make your life enjoyable.    Enjoy your time as you, be you and only you, don’t try to be like your neighbor.  You have lots to offer your world.  Only you can care for your loved ones.  Only you can laugh the way you do.  Only you can make someone feel loved the way you do.

I remember when I was in my 20’s and so wanted to be like my friend who seemed to have it all together.  What I realized later was that she thought the same of me.  How boring would this world be if we were all the same and looked the same.  Now that I am older, I work daily on embracing my unique qualities.  For example, I swing into action when a need is brought to my attention.  I quickly organize a game plan and I start to implement it.  My friends like that about me and sometimes count on my qualities and efforts when the need arises.

I really wish I had been younger when I came to conclusion that I was unique and had lots to contribute to my world.  I wasted so much time trying to be someone I was not.  Liking things and doing things I really didn’t like kept me from coming into my own.  I tried to change things that I now absolutely love about myself.  So don’t sit and dwell on your faults, get up and live your life as YOU.  People are looking for you, they are inviting you to the party, they want you to be in their playdate group or committee.  Don’t put on someone else’s personality, they want you.

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