Fabulous Friday: Invisible Crown

Many of us have those days when we just don’t feel good about ourselves.  We feel fat and unattractive, or someone takes a horrible picture of us and we cringe.  But I am here to say that we all need to give ourselves an invisible crown to wear.

Your crown should be delicate and filled with dignity and self-assurance. As you think of what it looks like make sure you add power and love.  Love for others but also love for yourself.  For when you have the latter you will be able to love those around you in abundance.    Wear it with honor.  You are beautiful.


I encourage you to keep a your crown on your head by holding your head up.  For if you hold your head down your crown cannot stay up.  Look up and to your future.  If there is something you are about to do that scares you, remember that you are truly royalty and you can do anything.

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