Fabulous Friday: Full Moon

This past week my husband noticed asked us the go outside and see that the moon and Jupiter were right next to each other that night.  So we slipped outside and took a good long look.  I even managed to snapped a picture of it with my new camera. It was so magnificent.  So unique, yet I have seen the moon hundreds of times. What a gift it was to see its beauty.


The moon is such a wonderful thing to see (unless you have cloud coverage).  So many things we take for granted in the world and the site of that huge moon is just one of them.  We are busy looking at the tiny problems that fill our day and forget that the world is not stopping.  It is still going and the moon rises each night to give us rest and restoration.  Lay your burdens down for the night.  Look at the moon and if you look long enough you may lose yourself in the sky.  You may realize that there are greater problems than the ones you are fretting about tonight.

One of my daughter’s favorite New Year’s Eve nights was the one she spent with her best friend Hannah, and her sister Kelsey.  They made a huge bed outside under the stars and made wishes and talked about their dreams.  They all remember how special that was and how it made them feel.  They must have noticed how small they were compared to the glorious moon above them.

This is one of my favorite videos.  I know there is a longer version to this if you are interested.  This just amazes me.   Click here to see the video.

So this weekend, take a few minutes out of your busy day and look at the moon.  Stay out as long as you can, it is so worth the experience.  Take off the worries of life and dream.

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