Fabulous Friday: Holding Hands

Hand holding has gotten a bad rap lately.  especially if you are in the middle of the flu season.  But all of that aside, I really think hand holding is some of the best medicine.  Not only does it release endorphins but it speaks to your emotional well-being.

hand holding

I read about a 2006 research study by neuroscientist Richard Davidson and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin proved that touch can reduce the feelings of fear, loneliness and physical pain.  Touch is a powerful tool that we carry with us everyday.

We use our hands everyday to do so many tasks.  Yet so many of us seldom use these two extremities to touch another human soul.  Sometimes we go days without reaching out and touching anyone more than 2 seconds (ie. a handshake). Healers from long ago knew about touch and its power.  I am reminded of the mother in Little Women who rubbed the feet of her daughter to get the fever down.  It worked , how amazing is that!

But the just plain ol holding hands is your assignment today and this weekend. The clasping of hands with another person, be it a partner, a son/daughter, mother/father or a dear friend, is a simple gesture that is so meaningful.  It connects us and brings warmth and caring to the surface.  It might say “I want to partner with you today” or “I miss you, can we begin anew”.  Whatever you need to say, say it with a touch.  Go out and hold someone’s hand today.

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