Top of the mountain

So many times we feel like we are climbing a huge mountain.  While climbing we can’t really see what is at the top.  A whole different view is at the top.  Most likely a better view than the rocky path we must travel to get to the top.  If you had a friend who had been to the top or had already conquered he/she could testify that you could do it.  You could get to the top and they could also tell you how to get there and what you will experience on the journey.  Some of us are still on the path, huffing and puffing to reach our goal.  Others have already paid their “dues” and have seen their dreams fulfilled.  If you are one who has seen the top of the mountain, you have a testimony to share.


For example people who desire to climb  Mt Everest learn from the best.  There are tours, guides, coaching and people who will literally hold your hand all the way to the top.  If you have been to the top you have something to offer.  You have seen a different view then the one they are seeing on their path.  Share your story and advice with others.


When I was experiencing infertility I yearned to speak to someone who had been there.  One who had a success story.  Someone just like me, but a successful version of me.  I knew that meeting this person and talking to her would give me a hope and a boost to continue on.

view from faro

These are pictures of a mountain that I have climbed in Mexico.  It was so much taller and bigger than I thought.  I did not really see it from a distance but only saw the entrance to the path.  I had no idea that it would take us hours to climb and that the terrain was going to be rocky. But I knew it was something I wanted to conquer.  Once we reached the top we were so excited to see the lighthouse (el faro), but then I turned around and saw the view from the top. And what a view it was, as you can see from the pictures.  I now have the vision set in my mind’s eye of that view.  I can testify and share with others about how to climb this mountain.  And I can also encourage those who are struggling with infertility.  I’ve been there too.  What joy comes from reaching a goal if you cannot help others reach theirs?  If you are someone who is needing some encouragement about a lifelong dream or are stuck in a situation that is paralyzing you, see out help.  Look for someone who has been there.  Someone who has seen the top of the mountain.  Share your experience with someone who has not yet reached the top.

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