Fabulous Friday: color me

Years ago I ran across a book called Color Me Beautiful.  This book changed my world, well actually just it just changed my wardrobe.  The book explained why  my friend who has fair skin can wear  browns and auburns, while these colors make me look like the grim reaper passed over me and left its mark.  In other words, I look dead in those colors.  However, I look alive and well in bright yellows and fuchsia pinks.  After reading this book the seas parted for me and I became much better at choosing clothes that complimented ME.

The other day while at a meeting in a huge room, I spotted a lovely lady in a yellow skirt, much like this one.

yellow skirt


She looked so fresh and put together.  I loved the look so much that today I am heading out to find a yellow skirt.  The book has helped me venture out into the world of colors, my colors.

blue shirt


Wear a bright skirt or blouse. (clothes by Anthropologie).  Now that I know what colors complement my skin color and hair, I enjoy looking for clothes and putting outfits together.   So check out the book and…


yellow skirt2

go out and color the world today.

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