No More Holidays for me

As I begin my new year on this second day of the year I am fighting the urge to slip back to my old excuses.  That is until I think of my friend Juan H. he is working on losing weight.


He makes time to hit the gym and has done so for the last few months.  One thing he said replays in my mind when I want to make an excuse.  He won’t allow holidays to be his excuse for not working out.  I assume that if he did that then other excuses will always take front seat.  I totally understand this way of thinking.  I always say, “well, it’s my birthday or it’s Christmas.  It’s…fill in the blank and it becomes a way to jump off the wagon and eat that donut with cream filling at 9pm at night.

My plan is simple, unlike my “fast” from a year ago (you can read about it here), healthy eating  and at least a 3 day a week workout plan.

So, as I venture into 2013, I will hold true to my convictions and goals.  If I fail I will pick myself back up and pretend it didn’t happen and go back on my plan.  No more holidays!  I will celebrate but I will find ways to continue on my plan and enjoy those Super Bowl parties and those special Valentine Dinners.

Please share with me how you plan to stay true to your convictions this year.  How will you stay on that wagon?

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