Good for the Soul

“Confession is good for the soul” they say.  So why is it so hard to blurt it out and confess.  I guess it is because we are afraid that if we come clean with our junk that we will not be loved.  If they knew what we were really like or what we have done then they will think badly of me.

open confession

Except that we do not become whatever evil/bad we do once we confess.  Confession cleanses.  It flies away with the wind.

We also have a fear of letting it all go because it is easier to hold on to the secret.  Since it hasn’t seen the light of day it is not eager to be exposed.  Except that once it is said and spoken in a true confession IT evaporates.

The mere  speaking of it and letting it go looses its grip on our soul.

This reminds me of two friends who were struggling with their friendship.  Turns out that one was jealous and trying to compete with the other friend.  She finally got the nerve to spill her beans and tell her friend that she was jealous of her and her well manicured nails and her hairstyle.  Once she divulged the information they both busted out laughing.  Once it was said, it lost its power.  Jealousy disintegrated.   Their relationship was strengthened and jealousy never reared its ugly head again.

Another lie that seems to creep in is that what we have done is so terrible that it only belongs to us.  No one else has ever done this before.  Therefore we are bad and unacceptable.  Truth is that we are not special like that.  People have done far worst and exactly what you have done since the beginning of time.  It is a chain around your neck when you keep and carry this idea that you are the only one who has ever done this horrible act.

My confession is this:  my faith points me to a sacrificial savior who takes my sins and tosses them in a bottomless well.  He and the spirit help me move from guilt to repentance to FREEDOM & PEACE.


Close your eyes and speak.  God/Christ/Holy Spirit is there to hear, cover, and give you peace.

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