Fabulous Friday: Gifts

There are lots of gift out there.  Most of us think of gifts that we can hold or see.  But I value the gifts that we cannot see.  Especially if they come from my maker.  His gifts are the best.  However, they come in the most unusual gift wrappings.

Sometimes his gifts don’t seem like gifts at all, until I take a step back and then I see how great a gift it really is.  Like when you are kept from doing something you love.  And then something happens and it becomes a greater experience than you can imagine.

Missing a game or concert and then getting a call from someone you hadn’t heard from in a long time.  Or a chance to visit two missionary friends home for only two weeks.  We never know what is in store for us.

I challenge you this weekend to look for and enjoy the gifts that come in disguise.

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