Fabulous Friday: No, really Thank You

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of friend’s posts telling me how thankful they are and all the things they are thankful for.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the rush of the holiday season creeping into our lives, it is hard to really be thankful and to say thank you.

Most of us actually say thank you on a regular basis.  But do we really think about what we are saying and to whom we are saying it to.  I know that I am guilty of just saying thanks and walking away.   We all drive through the fast food drive thru lanes and grab our grub saying thanks and not even making eye contact with the person giving us the food.  Taking the bag and the receipt from the salesperson at the mall and moving on to the next store is what I am guilty of as well.  Saying thank you should be a powerful phrase.  You are acknowledging something that is given and you  are recognizing the one who is giving. Lets make it meaningful.

So this weekend and the next, I challenge you to remember that on the receiving end of that thank you is a person who might enjoy a heartfelt message.

Results from a Simple Thank you:

1.  Most likely a smile will emerge.

2.  If there is stress or anger those feelings will take a back seat

3.  Two souls connecting, one giving and one receiving

So I challenge you to make that thank you a more meaningful response.  Don’t just say it without giving it a thought.  Enjoy your journey into connecting with your fellow man with a simple gesture.

Please share this with others and subscribe to this blog.  Thank you.  No, really Thank you.

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