The Reflection Pool

When it is raining outside my thoughts being to enter the reflection pool.  I look at my life and try to see the reflection.  I think of where I have been and wonder if my life has made an impact on this world/my world.  Why do we need this affirmation?  I think it is because we all have a mission in life.  Whether you know exactly what that mission is or not we have a drive to make a difference while here on earth.  We all want to know how we are doing and if we are doing it well.

Most of us have no idea what our mission in life is and we often need to stop, reflect and reassess.   Aside from the mission we have to keep true to our faith, we desire to have a purpose.  I believe it is hard to pin down what that is because we are results oriented and it isn’t until we actually reflect with solid evidence that we  see that what we have done is good.

This is why I am diving in head  first into the reflection pool.  Come along.  Since I am a visual person I like to write it out.  This gives me some concrete evidence and clarity.

The Reflection Pool:

1. List all the jobs you have had in the last 10 to 25 years.  Even list the ones that you did not get paid for doing, like starting a babysitting co-op in your neighborhood.

2. List 20 people in your life starting with the closest to your outer circle of friends.

3. List all of the places of charity you have either given to monetarily or have served.

4. List your heroes and those that you admire and their accomplishments. This is not for comparison purposes but for inspiration only.

5.  Write 5 sentences describing yourself to a new person you’ve just met.


I hope this helped you see the road you have been on and it’s purpose and mission.  And I hope this also gave you clarity for the future.   Continuing on your path or taking a sharp turn in the road, life is precious and should be lived with a purpose.

Let me know what you discovered and what you plan to do in the days to come.

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