Fabulous Friday : Be Childlike

As I was explaining a touchy subject to my child, he surprised me when he had such a moral view of the whole situation.  He really wasn’t judging or being critical in any way.  Viewing  things through my older adult eyes, my thoughts were harsher and not so black and white.   I want to be more childlike, I thought to myself.

“Great is the man who has not lost his childlike heart”–Mencius

How can we capture this childlike heart and mindset as adults?  I think like anything else we do we need to work at it.   Here are some assignments suggestions to get you started. 🙂

1. Think about having fun!  Then plan something fun to do that takes your mind off of the worries of the world.

2. Read the comics, a joke book or a silly book and LAUGH.

3. Run down a hill with your hand up above your head.  Crazy I know but just do it and you will find yourself releasing tension and stress.

4. Go for ice cream and sit on the curb and eat it.  Really enjoy and focus on how good it is without thinking of the next event.  Just savour it.

Although we cannot totally lose our adult grid from which we see the world and all its problems, we can for a few hours and moments put them aside and enjoy being carefree and childlike.   Enjoy your Friday.

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