Fabulous Friday: Above Average

I like rounding things off.  When I pump gas I always end on an even number.  Don’t ask me why, I am just quirky that way.  And I also love it when people tell me  ” it will average out to …”.  It gets me excited that I don’t have a solid number, and that I have room to breathe a bit.

So when my friend and I began talking about how we were not eating healthy this week, we stopped and began to talk about how we do eat healthy other times.

And how I might go two weeks without exercising but then I get back on track and pick up my usual routine of three to four times a week (plus walking the dog).   And so if you add all of these days up and put them on a chart, you will see a very healthy person who exercises weekly.  It all averages out.  I want to encourage you to stop thinking that you don’t do things well because you don’t measure up to some number.  Just average it out.  Look at what you have done and what you will do instead of what you didn’t do today.  Plus thinking the other way isn’t very productive thinking anyway.   Soooooo round it up, and look to the future.  Have a great Friday.

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