Shhhhh Silence (Fabulous Friday)

Silence. It is described as golden.  Where do we find silence in our busy world? Where can you go to get some peace and quiet?  Where can we be alone?  And once we get there what will we do?  I am reminded of the scene in Eat, Pray, Love when Julia Roberts’ character Liz is meditating and she keeps taking to herself in her meditation time.  That is me, I fill up my silence with stuff.  There are very few moments in my day when it is silent.  If there is silence, I may fall asleep.  But lately I have trying to find a few moments to be alone with my thoughts and it is true, IT is GOLDEN.

Getting away to be alone and have some solace is so important.  It helps us refocus and listen to our inner thoughts.  Our inner thoughts are being crowded out by all of the noise in our world.  If you are a believer in God then you need that time to communicate with Him. Therefore don’t empty your mind but cleanse it with what is truly important.  We are being desensitized by our world and we must take the time to be alone and zero in on the passion that is within us.

We all have a need to get away and to find peace and silence.  Susanna Wesley, mother of John Wesley, knew the importance of getting “away” and being still.  She, in the midst of her busy day with children all around her, would pull her apron up over her head and talked to her maker. This was her time alone.  She found it.  She did what she could to steal away a few moments to herself.

Monks get away and live in silence.  They walk, eat, and live in silence.  What does this do?  What are the benefits of being alone and silent?  Well, it helps us withdraw from too much stimulation and helps us gain a healthier outlook on life itself.  We are saturated with noise these days, all of the chatter from  iPods, iPads, computers, radios, televisions and cell phones can fill up our day 24/7.  I think those monks were on to something.  Being in a quiet place can bring you to a place of peace.  Thus the phrase “Can I get a little peace and quiet around here”.

This weekend find a place of solace and sit in silence.  Take a walk after the kids are in bed.  Sit out on the porch, drive to your meeting with the radio off, retire early and sit on your bed and be alone with your thought and prayers.  However you choose to be alone and silent do this for yourself.  And don’t feel guilty for taking these moments.  Enjoy.

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