Fabulous Friday: Southern Comfort

My college roommate was from the South; the deep south, Biloxi Mississippi to be exact. When I met her we became instant friends.  Girls from the South are taught early on about comfort and enjoying what they have.  One day I caught her doing something that I had never thought of doing but now I have adopted it as my own.  She pulled back her sheets and added sweet-smelling powder in between her sheets before she climbed in and slept.  I had never in my life seen this.  It seemed strange to add powder that would get all on you.  Then I tried it; I loved it.  The smell of the powder and the silkiness won me over.

We spend lots of time in our beds, sometimes when the kids were young they would climb in too.  My daughter once told me that our bed and bedroom were her favorite places to be.  That really warmed my heart.  And I was glad we had a king size bed.  She now has a queen size bed and enjoys it. We have breakfast in bed, play card games in bed, snuggle in bed and spend lots of hours everyday sleeping in our bed.  So my challenge this weekend is to make your bed special and enjoy it.

Years ago I began spending a bit more high thread count sheets and soft pillows.  And whenever I can get some sweet-smelling powder I sprinkle them on my sheets and enjoy my comfortable bed.  Spend a little more time enjoying your bed this weekend, I know I will.

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday: Southern Comfort

  1. I enjoyed my bed much more last night after a visit to my parents. I love visiting them but we call the guest bed “the door” because that’s what it feels like we’re sleeping on 🙂

    I’m not sure I’d try powder in the sheets but I read just recently that spraying your pillowcase with lavender can help you sleep better at night.

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