Fabulous Friday: water, water everywhere

So last week I got this harebrained (rash and foolish) idea to cut back on my intake of sweet and sugary drinks.  So I decided to drink only water for one week.  7 days of nothing but water to drink.

Picture Amy Poehler’s character in the movie Baby Mama as she is encouraged to eat healthy and drink water.  She spews it the liquid and says “what is this?”.   Yup, it was water and yup that’s me.  All that to say, I am not a huge water fan.  If there are other options at picnics or meetings, I choose the other.  I mean who doesn’t like a good icy cold Coke, or a tall glass of sweet tea?

So for 7 straight days I had water only and what happened as a result of this restriction was that I ate and ate and ate sweet delicacies.  Apparently I “need” some form of sugar and my body was craving it.  And I complied and gave in to the sweets.  I ate lots (in my book) of ice cream, I baked cookies every night, and ate anything with sugar that remained in my pantry.  Just to let you know, I am not a sweets person.  I will eat sweets but in very little quantities.  I eat ice cream maybe every 3 to 6 months.  I don’t really crave sweets.  I am more of a salty snack kinda girl.  So needless to say this “experiment” failed.  I did drink lots of water and water is good for you.  And now I think I will drink more water during the day but I will go back to drinking my sugary drinks, so that I don’t BALLOON beyond recognition.

So what is so Fabulous about this Friday post?  Well, water is Fabulous and good for you, but  my advice is this: stay in tune to your body.  Don’t just follow a regiment without being aware of what you need and what works for you.  You are unique. When you start a diet or change your eating habits, keep a journal and take note of what is going on with your body and how it affects you.  That’s all.  Have a wonderful weekend and when you think of me, just know that I will have a tall glass of half sweet & half unsweetened tea beside me.

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