Fabulous Friday: Pep Talk

Sometimes we get worn down and tired.  We lose sight of who we are and our worth. We get in a deep pit of “I am not good enough”.  If you are like me, sometimes what other people do seems important and what we do seems small and insignificant.  These are lies.

The Truth is:

What you do is unique.

You are valuable.

You are indispensable.

You are talented.

You are you and that is more than enough/great.

“…real joy and real contentment comes from believing that we are good just the way we are.  We (should) refuse to give in to the urge to impress others, we (should) force ourselves to accept ourselves, and this is real freedom.”

Love who you are with all you are.  Embrace that deep sense that you are valued, because you are.

If you are a person of faith then this is for you.  “The Truth is astonishing. We who believe in a spiritual self have no choice but to embrace our worth and take it very, very seriously. Clearly, God does.”

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