Fabulous Friday: Believe

Last Friday we did a “last hurrah” evening with my college daughter and we all went to the movies to see The Odd life of Timothy Green.

This movie touched me in so many ways.  We too suffered through infertility and were left somewhat hopeless of ever having a baby.  The hardest thing to do in tough situations is to BELIEVE that things will change.  The couple in the movie was on their last thread of hope.  I struggle to even say last thread, because they were so sad and beaten down by disappointment that they had almost given up.  Almost being the key word here.  Just when you are at the end of your rope, many times that is when you are closest to your miracle. Don’t give up. Years after we were told there was no hope for us, we had a baby boy.

If you are struggling with infertility, finances, marriage issues, family problems, or illness, don’t give up.  BELIEVE.  BELIEVE for a Timothy Green.  A miracle that grows from your BELIEF in what can be.

We enjoyed this movie and the message of hope.  Believing in things that you cannot see is not easy. My favorite part of the movie is seeing the mom pretend to see her child score the winning goal.  She cheered, jumped up and down and saw that boy score! Believing in what you cannot see.   Seeing what is in front of you is easy to accept and dwell on.  But don’t, don’t get stuck in the world of “it will never happen”.  See your future. (This is where you stop reading this blog and really see your future.) Believe.

Think and mediate on the good things and BELIEVE on the things unseen.  Put your dreams on the SHELF OF HOPE (up front or back in the corner) and press on.  BELIEVE for a Timothy Green.

One thought on “Fabulous Friday: Believe

  1. Beautiful and timely post! We want to see this movie. The commercials rip at my heart. I had eight years of fertility before having Matthew and was actually told we would never have a baby the ‘normal’ way. I was scheduled for a procedure when low and behold I was pregnant! God is so faithful! So many times I prayed, “Lord help my unbelief!” I had lost hope of ever being a mom. I lost four children to miscarriage but look how the Lord restored what the locust had eaten….I think this is one of your most moving posts! Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings friend.

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