Fabulous Friday: Moxie

Come on, get your Moxie on today!  It’s Fabulous Friday.

Moxie: noun, slang

1. vigor; pep

2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve

3. skill; know-how

Do these words describe what you have been doing lately?  If no, then why not?  Showing your skills and know-how is what we should be doing everyday.

My neighbor is great at making her garden grow and makes her landscape look fabulous.  She uses her skills and her know-how to make something great. She also helps others by teaching others how to grow flowers and vegetables.  That takes courage to speak to someone and nerve to teach them what they need to know to achieve greatness.

Living life with vigor.  Do you know someone who gets up and is ready to take on the world?  Yeah me too.  But it isn’t the one in my mirror.  The people I know who are like this are the most positive people I know.  They take the bull by the horns everyday and love life.  I want to be this way.  I guess that is why I am writing about it.  I desire to wake up everyday and live life to the fullest.  This reminds me of a scene from Thornton Wilder’s play OUR TOWN.  (Upon looking back on her life, after death, Emily says.)

“Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it — every, every minute?”

Get your MOXIE on!  Do that one thing that you have been hesitant about.  Do it today.  Or make phone calls and plan to do it next week.  Life will pass you by.  Minutes become hours and hours become days.  You see how fast our children grow, before you know it they have graduated and are out on their own.

If you are not sure where you can show your MOXIE then spend some time writing down some goals and dreams.  These questions might help dislodge a dream or desire for you.

I would love to ….

One day I want to…

It would be fun to …

If I had all the money in the world I would…

Why doesn’t someone make life easier by…

Get your MOXIE today and get stretched.  Share, enjoy, work, and live life for a purpose.

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