My Crazy Obsessions

I just recently (like just now) found a blog written by India Hicks.  She is among one of my obsessions, along with Jessica Seinfeld and Tamra Davis.  Some people follow movie stars but I follow people who are famous but are not easily found.  My teenage daughter calls it stalking but hey, if they have blogs and publish photo’s of their homes, how is that stalking?

I became obsessed with India Hicks long ago when I read about her life on an island with her little blond children and her gorgeous estate.  Now you can find her here.

Tamra Davis is one of my youtube obsessions.  She makes healthy, vegetarian meals for her famous husband and two boys.  She makes simple recipes and they inspire me to cook healthier meals for my family.  Not to mention all of the famous people who make cameo appearances on her videos. Check her out here.

Another youtube favorite is Rachael.  She is a single mom who cooks, shops thrift stores and dumpster dives.  Yes, I said dumpster dives.  She is so great and very interesting.   Her youtube page is called AMomentwithRachael.

You can find Jessica Seinfeld’s youtube channel here.  She also cooks and most of the time has Allie Wentworth, who is hilarious, in her videos.

Some of my other obsessions are Sixx Design couple the Novogratz,  GOOP, Ann Voskamp, Rachel Ashwell,  Ann Kiemel Anderson and a writer that I use to follow on Domino, the magazine.  I have not found this writer yet.  But I will press on and continue my stalking obsessions on these and others.

2 thoughts on “My Crazy Obsessions

  1. I have no doubt if we lived closer than 691 miles to one another we would be great friends! This list is quirky and informative. I read/watch a few of these myself. I have watched (or as our teenage daughters say stalked) India since she was a little flower girl for my 80s obsession Princess Diana. Love reading your posts!

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