Fabulous Friday: Porch visits

Are porches and swings a thing of the past?  As a kid we would spend our Saturdays not going out to eat or to the movies but on our porches and playing in the yard.  We would either pay another family a visit or they would come to our house for a visit.  They would serve whatever they had on hand, nothing fancy, and sit and talk for hours at a time.  I especially remember the Rodriguez family coming over and playing with all of their kids.  We would play for hours until it got dark outside.  The parents would talk and catch up on relatives and friends and the kids would entertain themselves.  We would sit on our porches and talk and play, and we never felt like we were missing out on doing something better.

 Now there are soooooo many choices for us and for our children to do that it is hard to choose what to do on a Saturday night.  Entertainment involved relationships when I was growing up.  Now we go to the movies and sit for 2 hours in silence.  We take our kids to places like Chuck E. Cheese and arcades and spend the time interacting with machines and techno gadgets. I want those simple days to return.  I want to sit around my porch on a summer’s evening and spend time with people.  I want to laugh and share our lives together  instead of running here and there to sit and never talk.

So I encourage you to invite a family over this weekend or next and sit and visit.  By the way the second generation of the Rodriguez family is still getting together.  The last time I was home they had my son and I over for a game of Dominos. It was so much fun and reminded me of our gatherings from long ago.

I purposely didn’t add a picture of a nice porch because I didn’t want you to think you needed to have a certain porch to entertain. It isn’t about the porch or the chairs or cushions, it’s about the people and the visit. So go ahead invite, and enjoy the simple life of entertainment.

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