Signs to follow

This week my friend’s dog wandered off and was lost.  They looked and looked, talked to neighbors, passed out flyers but could not find her.  Their dog is old, partly deaf and vision impaired as well.  The sun set and my friend had to report to his night shift job.  That next morning he went to bed, but was awoken by an unexplained urge to search again for his beloved dog.  Normally he would have slept for hours but not this time.  So he set out to look for his dog’s remains to bring his family closure.  He felt led to look in a wooded area near his home.  As he looked he felt guided by something or someone to take turns here and there.  All the while not being able to call out the dog’s name.  Then he heard a faint panting and a noise, there she was, tangled in vines, under a bush.  She was tired, confused but very much alive.  He totally felt led to look in the woods and was prompted to turn when he didn’t know where to look.  Signs.

I believe that many times a day we see signs, hear signs, feel signs and help others with their signs.  Why are we led to take certain roads home instead of our usual route?  Did we need that extra time in the car to listen to a song that encouraged us? Did we miss an accident?  Did we need to run into someone at the grocery store, when we didn’t plan on stopping?

A man awoke in his hospital bed after a major surgery.  He prayed to God about struggling with loneliness.  At 9am one of his friends heard a still voice, a message for his friend in the hospital.  “I am here, you are not alone” was the message. During the visit the hospitalized man said “How is it that you heard that message for me when I didn’t pray it until after 9 o’clock?”   There are no coincidences.

We live our lives trying to find our way all by ourselves.  Forgetting that before we were formed in our mother’s womb we were given a guide to help us. One we can call on and hear messages from.  It is in us and with us everyday.  I call this guide the Holy Spirit.   We are given signs all along the way, our job is to ask, listen, be still, and follow.  Do you have a story about being guided?  About a sign that you followed?  I hope you will share.

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