Friday – Aurora

I am at a loss for words when it comes to evil people doing evil things.  These tragedies leave me feeling low and somewhat helpless.  But that is what was intended by this person.  They intend to do harm and to leave us feeling helpless and hopeless and without power.  They want to take our power, our power to thrive and live.  They want to take our confidence.

True, lives were lost and other’s will never be the same.  Those that remain will walk this earth with a constant reminder of that day.  Most of us will and have picked up right where we left off.  We heard the news and went on with our day. That seems cold and uncaring but we are all at a loss.  What are we to do about it all.  What is our responsibility?  Most of us live far away from Aurora, Co.  We cannot attend funerals or vigils or visit those in the hospital.  So what can we do.  Should we do anything?

What we need to do is LIVE.  Live our lives.  Live and enjoy.  Enjoy those moments and minutes we spend with our loved ones.   Look into your children’s eyes when they speak. Tell them you love them.  Help a stranger in the store.  Be Kind.  Smile and make eye contact with the drive- thru person.  Hug more.   LIVE in memory of those whose live were taken.

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