A Listening Ear is Good Medicine

My family and I are on vacation this week.  This morning my hubby and I headed to one of his favorite places for breakfast.  We were enjoying our NYC ish Bagel and coffee when I see an elderly couple sitting next to us.  They were sitting together but seems miles apart as well as seemingly far removed from feeling cared for or loved.  I decided to strike up a conversation about the weather since we are having a humongous heat wave this year.  They immediately began to unload countless words about themselves and where they were from and what they were doing here in these parts.  It seemed to connect them as a couple again and as we left the deli they were talking and smiling with each other again.  I spoke very little during this encounter, they shared their life.  It brought joy, laughter and smiles. 

Say very little. 

Speak only what is needed. 

Hear with your facial expressions and approving sounds without taking over the conversation. 

Then watch and listen to the transformation.

You know me, I always have a challenge for ya and myself.  This week, it is to give a listening ear to someone.  It can be a loved one or a stranger, but each of us want and yearn for a connection and someone to hear us. Start today and listen.

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